Adaptive Cruise Control Simplifies Highway Driving

Drive Honda Safe with Adaptive Cruise Control in Santa Cruz, California

Here at Ocean Honda, we know that you're always highway driving on CA-17 and CA-1 whether it's up to downtown San Jose CA or down to Monterey CA to. And you're always using your cruise control, because it's convenient and it saves you gas. What if there was a better version of cruise control? Introducing Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)! One of Honda's many driver-assistive features, ACC is a smart version of cruise control that slows down and speeds up automatically to keep up with the car in front of you. ACC gives drivers the comfort and benefit of cruise control that can be utilized even in light traffic.

Test drive a new Honda equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control at Ocean Honda serving Salinas CA 

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Use HondaLink Connect iPhone App To Schedule Service

Easily Schedule Service For Your Honda Car in Santa Cruz, California

You're driving down Soquel Road in Santa Cruz CA when suddenly your Honda Accord's Display Audio lets you know that your engine check light is on. What's your next move? Do you cruise into the closest quick lube you see? Do you try to search for a phone number online for Ocean Honda? Do you just hope the light will turn off on it's own?

When you use the HondaLink Connect App, it's easy as using an iPhone app or your Accord's Display Audio system. The HondaLink Connect App lets you easily schedule a service appointment with Ocean Honda by seamlessly connecting your Honda car to your compatible smartphone. 

Test drive a new Honda car with HondaLink Connect at Ocean Honda serving Salinas CA 

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2016 Honda Pilot Gets An Overhaul

The 2016 Honda Pilot: Redesigned for the Modern Family in Santa Cruz, California 

The all-new 2016 Honda Pilot is coming to Ocean Honda soon! Production on Honda's new compact SUV began this week, but we already know what this new crossover has in store for soon-to-be lucky drivers. While the new Pilot's exterior has had its fair share of upgrades, the true makeover begins in the vehicle's interior.

The 2016 Honda Pilot is coming soon to Ocean Honda serving Salinas CA 

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Lane Keeping Assist System Helps Avoid Collisions

Avoid Collisions with Honda's Lane Keeping Assist System in Santa Cruz, California

How easy is it to drift out of your lane while on the highway? Well not anymore. With Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), never drift again. LKAS uses a camera to identify lane markings and assist steering by helping maintain your vehicle's position in the middle of an identified lane. The electric power steering system applies torque to return the vehicle to the middle of the lane should any drifting occur, as more torque is applied the further the vehicle departs from the center of a detected lane.

Get a new Honda car with Lane Keeping Assist System in Santa Cruz CA

Turning the system on and off is as easy as pushing two buttons.

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Honda's Smart Entry System Making Car Keys Obsolete

Make Car Keys Optional with Honda's Smart Entry System in Santa Cruz, California

What is more irritating that losing your car keys right when you need them most? Now you can be key-free, thanks to Honda's Smart Entry system with Push Button start.

Get a new Honda car with Smart Entry and Push Button Start in Santa Cruz CA

You can unlock your Honda car by just touching the inside of the door handle, as long as the Smart Entry remote is with 32 inches of a front…
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Honda CR-V and HR-V Star In NBC's "Saturday Night Line" Web Series

Live from New York, it's Saturday Night...Line! The all-new 2015 Honda CR-V and 2016 Honda HR-V crossovers will star in "Saturday Night Line," an NBC digital web series that follows Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast members as they interact with the devoted fans waiting in the standby line days before the show. 

Honda's amazing crossovers will act as the perfect rolling venues for numerous "Saturday Night Line" skits and shenanigans, as…
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Lane Departure Warning Technology Keeps Honda Drivers Safer

Drive Honda Safe in Santa Cruz, California

The Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system is just another way Honda drivers are staying safer on the road. LDW uses a camera devised to recognize lane markings, so the system can identify when the vehicle is about to leave its lane. If the vehicle begins to move out of a detected lane without a turn signal activated, the LDW system advises drivers to take appropriate action through audible and visual alerts. 

The LDW system helps prevent both accidental and unsignaled lane changes, allowing drivers to avoid a run-off-road accident or collision with another vehicle.

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The Honda Civic Fantasy at the 2015 NY Auto Show

The 2016 Honda Civic, Redefine Reality


Imagine you're in your early 20's riding down the road, this great car speeds past you and you catch a glance of the green lightning as you cross paths. You both happen to be going to the same place, let's say a sea food restaurant. Your thoughts race and you imagine, just what kind of person is in that car?

That's the experience this car…
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2016 Honda HR-V Debut

2016 Honda HR-V Debuts at L.A. Auto Show

Honda recently unveiled the new 2016 Honda HR-V at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Honda's newest model line "mixes angles and curves in an attractive design that lends it a sporty look while hiding its budget-friendly roots."

2016 Honda HR-V at Ocean Honda serving Santa Cruz & Salinas CA  The 2016 Honda HR-V is available soon at Ocean Honda serving Santa Cruz & Salinas CA  2016 Honda HR-V near Santa Cruz & Salinas CA 

The Spacious 2016 Honda HR-V

Although it may seem like the same size as the Honda Fit, the 2016 Honda HR-V includes much more room for its passengers…
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2016 Honda Pilot Debut

2016 Honda Pilot Debuts at Chicago Auto Show

Honda recently unveiled the new 2016 Honda Pilot at the Chicago Auto Show. This third generation Pilot has a "youthful and modern, yet sophisticated, look" featuring a sloping roof and new angular body. The Pilot is 3.5 inches longer and 300 pounds lighter.

2016 Honda Pilot at Ocean Honda near Santa Cruz & Salinas CA  The 2016 Honda Pilot is available soon at Ocean Honda near Salinas & Gilroy CA  2016 Honda Pilot near Salinas CA 

The 2016 Honda Pilot is an Ultimate Family Vehicle

Could the 2016 Honda Pilot be the new, best-in-class family vehicle? thinks so. The Pilot offers features that are sure to delight children and parents alike. The 2016 Honda Pilot has easy-to-reach cupholders throughout, featuring double cupholders in the rear doors. Additionally, there is a second row that can hold up to three car seats and an additional, spacious third row. The Pilot also features impressive tech, with four USB ports, powerful enough to charge iPads, and a Blu-ray player. Say, "Hello" to more family road trips…
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