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How to Disconnect and Install a Car Battery

Auto Mechanic Replacing Car Battery

If your vehicle is having issues starting, it may be time to install a new battery. Some common symptoms of a weak/dead battery include your vehicle being slow to start (weak battery) or even clicking noises when turning the ignition (dead battery.) Luckily, replacing a car battery is a fairly simple process. That being said, it’s valuable know-how, and we’re here to help get you in the know! Read on for some simple instructions on how to disconnect and install a car battery.

The Right Way to Disconnect and Install a Car Battery

Picture this: It’s a cold morning, you’re ready to leave for your Watsonville commute, and you can’t wait for the warm air pouring over you from the dashboard heater. But oh no, your car won’t start! You must quickly resolve this issue if you are to enjoy that heater on your way to work! If you’ve thought ahead and purchased a backup battery, then all you need to do is follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way in no time! Need to purchase a battery? Our service experts can assist you!

How to Remove Your Old Battery

  • First, for safety reasons, ensure that your vehicle is in park, the ignition is turned off, and the parking brake is engaged.
  • Locate your vehicle’s battery. It is normally near the front of the engine bay, along either side. Some models will stow the battery under a plastic cover that can be easily removed.
  • Using the correct size wrench for the battery terminal bolt, detach the negative (-) cable from the battery before removing the positive cable. Do not allow the wrench to touch both the negative and positive terminals at the same time.
  • Detach the positive (+) cable from the battery after the negative cable is completely disconnected.
  • Some cars have a bracket holding the battery in place. You’ll need to remove it.
  • Remove the old battery. Don’t throw it in the dumpster! Batteries need to be recycled. Take it to the retailer where you bought the new battery so that you can get a refund on your core charge.

How to Install the New Battery

  • Inspect the connectors on the ends of the positive and negative cables for corrosion. Clean with a wire brush if corrosion is present. (Battery corrosion usually looks like white or blue-ish crystals.).
  • Set the new battery in place. If there’s a battery bracket, secure it in place.
  • Connect the positive (+) cable first. Tighten with the appropriate size wrench.
  • Connect the negative (-) cable second, then tighten it down. It is very important to connect these cables in the right order to avoid a short or electrical shock.
  • Turn on the engine to test replacement.

Need Help? Call Us!

Most battery changes are a simple process, and can easily be handled at home. However, sometimes different brands of vehicles can be a little more difficult to locate and replace batteries for. That’s just what our tenured technicians and service experts at Ocean Honda Santa Cruz are here for. If you need assistance with your battery replacement, you can give us a call at 831-661-8693 or even schedule an appointment online! We’re only a short drive from Santa Cruz! Drop by or leave us a message online today!


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